About Us

Atomic City Roller Girls includes about 30 fearless wheeling warriors and several fresh meat rookies aspiring to make it on the flat track to bout. The league promotes athleticism for all women; every size and background are welcome. Atomic City Roller Girls encourages its members to maximize their individual potentials while working together as a supportive team. The league also gives back to the community by volunteering and providing financial donations to local charitable causes. We are a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We are business owners, professionals, school teachers, stay at home moms and students. The leagues we compete against come from all over the Northwest Region. From Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  We work hard to make your local roller derby experience an exciting family friendly event that brings the community together.

Our mission:

  • Build a stronger community and promote other like minded non-profits through the sport of roller derby.

  • Grow and sustain Atomic City Roller Girls as a positive, family friendly, long term community institution and resource

  • Provide a professional environment for women of all skill levels to train and participate in a full contact sport.

  • Facilitate and provide athletic and educational opportunities for youth.