Atomic City Roller Girls is completely skater owned and operated. We pay monthly dues in order to skate. We have many expenses including practice space, travel, uniforms, and bout production. We are always looking for sponsors to support us and be part of the derby experience!

Why You Should Support Atomic City Roller Girls

ACRG is remarkable as an all female internationally competitive sports team in our community. ACRG sporting events are surpassed by no other in the festive engaging atmosphere that welcomes both young and old from all facets of Benton/Franklin County cultures.

1. A Sense of Community

While the games have tremendous family friendly entertainment value for the community, it offers more than simple entertainment. Tri-Cities residents are given a sense of pride and are unified by having a sporting team to follow and stand behind.

2. Community Giving

Atomic City Roller Girls is committed to giving back to the community. Since being founded in 2007, ACRG has given back thousands to community non-profits. ACRG participates in various awareness campaigns throughout the season, and also launched a safety campaign geared towards youth.

3. Economic Benefit

Almost every dollar that is brought into our league flows back into our community both through nonprofit donations and goods and services purchased in the community. In addition, visiting teams boost our local economy by staying in our local hotels, eating out and shopping at local businesses.

4. Opportunities for Women and Youth

The athletic opportunity given to the community’s young girls and women is like no other sporting experience.  ACRG welcomes females of all backgrounds with or without previous athletic experience and trains them to be successful athletes while promoting teamwork and fitness. Personal empowerment is highlighted in most reports from participants.

5. Strong Positive Female Role Models

The skaters of ACRG serve as positive female role models for our community challenging cultural norms for female athletic ability and strength. The hard work the skaters put in, the challenges skaters overcome and the tenacity they bring to the game exemplify the vision of female strength, perseverance and grace.

We hope you will choose to support Atomic City through purchasing advertising or sponsorship and create a partnership that aligns your business with our values.